Clinics in London and all over Lithuania

With eleven CLINIC | DPC clinics in Lithuania, our patients can successfully continue their treatment at different locations. If you travel through Lithuania for business or personal reasons, this is a great solution that will save you a lot of valuable time. Proper management of a client’s medical information helps the new dentist fluidly continue the high-quality treatment. Because our goal is to make the patients as comfortable as possible, we take into consideration your lifestyle and employment to ensure the success of your dental treatment.

Online consultations

If you do not have enough time for a visit to one of our clinics, we also provide online consultation services. The fast pace of life dictates its own rules. We understand how busy our patients can be, so we offer remote online consultation at your convenience. We will listen to your complaints and expectations, inform you about treatment options and, at your wish, make a comprehensive treatment plan. All you have to do is pick the right time and come for treatment!


Throughout the ten years of our work, we completed over 35 thousand dental implantations. An implantologist and the founder of the clinic, Simonas Bankauskas, has extensive knowledge about dental implantation and passes on his wisdom to other colleagues. He frequently visits CLINIC | DPC clinics not only in Lithuania but also in London. CLINIC | DPC doctors also organize various free seminars for interested patients.

Emergency aid

Acute oral health problems often require fast treatment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to plan and predict these issues, so we will be happy to assist you in the event of an injury or acute toothache. We look forward to your call and visit to provide you the necessary emergency oral care.

Free seminars

We constantly organize free seminars on dental care and dental restoration. Seminars are held in cities in Lithuania and London. All participants recieve a free consultation with an odontologist and other special others.