Why you should replace your old tooth fillings?

It is popular to believe that a dental filling is the solution for life. Unfortunately, in order to protect against caries and gum disease, it is highly recommended not to forget to regularly see your dentist for a check up.

Tooth fillings are one of the most convenient and long-lasting dental restoration methods offered today. The damaged tooth  is protected by the dental filling which helps from the spread of caries, and the broken tooth can be restored and look aesthetically again.

Properly unsupervised fillings can be the cause of the problem – bacteria that cause caries can accumulate in the microscopic cracks that appear in them.

Why do I need to change my fillings regularly?

Although the fillings are made of high-quality and durable materials, they are not completely resistant to chewing, teeth grinding and other oral processes. During continuous chewing, splits may appear in the filling and voids may appear between the filling and the tooth. It is extremely difficult to clean the food residue with a brush in these spaces, so a bacteria that cause caries accumulates in the void. As caries spread, the likelihood of infection in the tooth pulp highly increases. In this case, the only way to save the tooth is to treat the dental root canals.

Often enjoying a solid food or sweet meal, the filling can crack or fall out, leaving the tooth sensitive and vulnerable.

When do you need to replace old dental fillings?

The period during which the filling will remain intact depends on various factors: the filling material, the eating habits (the more often hard food is eaten, the sooner the filling will wear out), the oral hygiene, the injuries suffered.

Cracks in the filling are extremely difficult to spot. Usually we learn about them only when there is a toothache or gum disease, pain, unpleasant breath, bleeding.

In order to prevent caries, it is very important to visit your dentist regularly. Visit CLINIC | DPC Dental Care Center, where qualified professionals will tell you whether it is time to replace the old filling with a new one to protect you from dental diseases and possible tooth loss.

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