Some things you may not know about dental care

Many of us will probably agree that the well-known saying “The clothes make the man” could easily be changed to “The teeth make the man”. It is a radiant smile that has the power to warm people’s hearts and to open any doors. Do you cover your mouth because of bad breath when you are talking to people? What things do we often forget during our oral hygiene routine? What is the link between nutrition and dental health? And why is it necessary to examine old fillings? These are the questions that a dentist from the Clinic DPC chain offered us some answers to.

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Proper daily hygiene is first and foremost

Needless to say, if you want to have healthy teeth and gums, good oral daily care is of the utmost importance. According to the dentist Diana Markauskienė, if proper dental hygiene is neglected, the bacteria that grow in the mouth will not only cause bad breath but also dental plaque. The latter then produces acids that destroy the tooth enamel and can lead to tooth decay, especially between the teeth.

“Poorly removed plaque can cause gum inflammation and bleeding. Mineralised plaque forms tartar that causes the decay of the bone structures supporting the teeth, resulting in a condition which is also known as periodontitis. Without treatment, the periodontal pockets can become infected and start festering, the gums begin to pull away from teeth and the teeth become loose in their sockets. After the gums are infected and start bleeding, the worst thing patients can do is to neglect brushing their teeth or to stop brushing them altogether, as this worsens their condition,” forewarned the specialist.

How are eating habits related to dental condition?

What does proper daily oral hygiene consist of? Markauskienė believes that most people know and follow the rule that you have to brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, in the morning and before bed. However, she noted that patients tend to neglect flossing.

“You should floss between your teeth thoroughly with dental floss or a dental floss wand. Removing the plaque on your tongue is equally important, as almost half of oral bacteria accumulates there. And last but not least is rinsing with a mouthwash. It is very important for parents to develop healthy and proper oral care habits in their little ones as soon as their very first teeth have come through,” said Markauskienė.

Eating habits can also have an adverse impact on the condition of teeth. As the bacteria feed on carbohydrates, it is not an accident that people who eat too many sweets tend to have dental decay. Thus, abstaining from sweet and starchy foods can prevent the reproduction of bacteria in the mouth and consequently tooth decay.

Danger lurks in old fillings

However good our daily oral hygiene is, the dentist still called attention to the importance of having professional oral care at a dental clinic on a six-month basis, where the dental professional will check for any possible issues. Regular visits to an oral hygienist or a dentist can prevent the development of more serious oral problems such as gum inflammation, decay of the bone structure supporting the teeth and possible tooth loss.

“A little tooth cavity that is spotted early can be fixed quickly and easily. After a delay, the cavities will become deeper and can cause tooth nerve inflammation resulting in acute pain. A specialist will check the old fillings which can show a tendency to shrink with time. Such a shrinkage leads to micro-cavities, where the accumulation of bacteria causes so-called secondary tooth decay,” explained the dental practitioner.

Markauskienė also said that the bigger the filling, the closer an eye you should keep on it, as it must be replaced at the first signs of disintegration, discolouration and cracking. However, she reassured us that good quality fillings will serve their purpose for a long time, so they only have to be replaced with good cause.

First check-up for free

The Clinic DPC chain is offering their patients a first check up for free, in order to encourage oral health care and a radiant smile. “Every smile has a story to tell, so it is really important to assess the oral health condition of each individual patient and suggest the most suitable care and treatment for them. During the check-up, a specialist will carry out a thorough examination and discuss the patient’s complaints related to dental and oral health,” said the specialist.

You can discuss even seemingly insignificant issues which often bother patients, such as food stuck between the teeth, shredding floss and sensitive teeth. The specialists will willingly give you advice on teeth grinding and aesthetic problems that can make us feel self-conscious. Just as every smile has a story to tell, every problem has a remedy.

The Clinic DPC chain applies research-proven technologies and uses high-end materials. The doctors working at the clinics will give their patients undivided attention and good care, equivalent to what they themselves receive. Our clinics also encourage the doctors to persist in developing by continuing to train in their respective medical fields. Furthermore, every specialist at Clinic DPC has an opportunity to receive guidance and to learn from our Founder and Dental Implant Specialist, Simonas Bankauskas, who has considerable experience that has accumulated over ten years of practice. Every visitor can sense the warm and welcoming atmosphere that prevails among the staff at the clinics, as it goes without saying that the success of any treatment, first and foremost, relies on a comfortable environment.