All on 4

The All-on-4 method fundamentally changes the entire course of treatment, while shortening the procedure time and reducing the costs. This method allows the complex procedure of bone augmentation to be avoided.

This method is used for patients who have lost all, or almost all, of their teeth. With this method, in order to recover the whole jaw dentition, only 4 implants are used instead of the traditionally used 6-8. This allows us to avoid bone augmentation procedures. The implants are screwed into the jaw during only one visit, and the new, comfortable and durable temporary teeth are fixed onto them. It is possible to use this implantation method for people of almost all ages.

A tooth implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium, which is screwed into the jaw, and an artificial tooth is attached onto it.

Unique All-on-4        Unique All-on-4

2 dental implants are fixed in the area of the front teeth area where the bone is usually the most sufficient for an implantation. Another 2 implants are screwed into the region of the side teeth. By using a CT scan and surgical guides we can avoid incisions, flaps and seams. This guarantees the minimum postoperative pain and discomfort for the patient. Immediately after the implantation temporary dentures are affixed so that the patients can go about living their daily lives.

Duration of the procedure.
During one visit to a doctor, the implants are screwed into place and temporary but comfortable and firm teeth are attached onto them. After the healing period, the patient will have permanent teeth attached to the implants. Due to the simplicity of this treatment, there is virtually no age limit. The duration of the healing may vary for each individual patient, so the CLINIC | DPC Dental Pro Care specialists will help you by administering a personalised treatment plan.

Why is it worth choosing the All-on-4 method?

  • Functions like a natural tooth root
  • Made of biocompatible materials
  • Natural teeth restoration method for life
  • Supports the natural jaw bone and provides stimulation to prevent further bone loss
  • Stable and comfortable support for various dental prosthetic solutions

The advantages of dental implants versus regular dentures

  • A non-removable tooth prosthesis is fixed onto the implants, which is stable and does not move when chewing, talking or laughing. Therefore, the person will not be afraid that the prosthesis could fall out at any minute, as may happen with regular dentures.
  • The prostheses on the implants completely restore the mastication function, which replicates eating with natural teeth. Such a function will never be achieved by a removable denture which, when eating, moves and becomes twisted, irritates the mucous membrane, can aggravate wounds, and does not allow the person to eat solid foods.
  • When chewing food with the teeth restored on implants, the bone carries a biting load that prevents its subsequent loss.
  • The prosthesis attached onto the implants perfectly performs an aesthetic function, by ensuring that the teeth look natural and realistic, as well as being stable.
  • The psychological state of the person is much better when he is satisfied with his smile, is not afraid to communicate and does not need to worry about a moving prosthesis. With his new teeth, he can completely forget any past problems.