New Generation Zirconia Implants: Even More Natural Looks

It’s not a secret that traditional titanium implants still dominate the dental implantation scene. Metal implants are reliable in a way that they provide patients with a lasting, beautiful smile. Today, tens of thousands of CLINIC | DPC patients are able to smile freely and not worry about poor dental looks thanks to the technology.
However, every person is unique, and not all immune systems accept metal implants well. Sometimes implants are rejected due to an allergic reaction or chronic disease. Luckily, there’s a new alternative for those patients whose body is not compatible with titanium implants.
The new generation swiss Z-systems implants are one of the safest, most reliable and long-lasting dental restoration options. These implants are made out of zirconia – a type of synthetic stone – and contain no metal, which makes them a perfect solution for those experience an allergic reaction to the titanium alternatives. That being said, it’s by no means the only advantage zirconia implants bring to the table.

Why Get Zirconia Implants?
The primary goal of zirconia implants is to provide a solution to patients allergic to metal. However, there’s more to the new generation Z-systems implants. In fact, zirconium implants:

  • Are more natural. Since zirconia implants connect with the soft and bone tissues much easier than titanium alternatives, they don’t have to be fixed as deeply into the bone.
  • Don’t cause allergic reactions. Due to their metal-less structure, Z-systems implants do not irritate the surrounding soft tissue, thus not causing an allergic reaction. This minimizes the probability of rejection and speeds up the healing process.
  • Don’t cause discomfort in mouth. Zirconia implants aren’t subject to heat conduction, which helps patients avoid discomfort.
  • Are safer. Due to their chemical composition, plaque is washed off the implants much easier, thus reducing the probability of gum diseases.
  • Are more reliable. Since zirconia implants don’t contain any metal particles, the success rate of implantation is nearly 100%.
  • Are more visually pleasing. Zirconia implants look just like natural teeth roots, which means that patients with smaller, receding gums will not have to worry about their implants occasionally “flashing” when they smile.
  • Are more long-lasting. Zirconia implants aren’t subject to corrosion, which makes them more structurally strong and permanent.
  • Offer easier dental care. Since the connection point between the dental crown and the implant are on a gum level, it’s easier to look after the implanted teeth properly.

When Should You Choose Zirconia Implants?
One of the main advantages of getting zirconia implants is that they don’t emit any toxic particles to your body that could cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, zirconia implants are the number one options with known allergies to metal.
If you’ve noticed that your body is sensitive to metal – for example, if you can’t wear metal earrings – it could be a clear sign that you’re allergic to metal products. In this case, getting titanium dental implants could be a risky choice.
And, of course, we’d like to remind our readers that dental implantation is extremely important in order to keep your jawline and bite from deforming. After losing a tooth due to trauma or surgical extraction, the jawbone that used to support the missing tooth starts to dissolve over time, which will eventually make the implantation impossible without bone resorption procedures.
Also, the surrounding teeth start to drift towards one another, trying to close the empty space. Once they destabilize, they might have to be extracted as well.

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Recommendation from Dr. Simonas Bankauskas
“Many people believe dental implants to be the last-resort means, something that people do only when their natural teeth are completely gone. However, dental implants are so much more. They’re an investment into a healthy, stress-free future.

Zirconia implants is the best of what implantologists can offer today. They’re firm, don’t cause any allergic reactions and look completely real. It’s the most natural solution in modern dental restoration.”

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