CLINIC | DPC Dental Pro Care is the biggest network of dental clinics in Lithuania. Our team is connected by much more than just a common profession. We are also very enthusiastic about medical innovations and share a wish to see self-confident patients and their healthy smiles.

Our first clinic, named DPC, opened its doors in Kaunas eight years ago. Back then, our aim was to provide the best and most convenient services for our patients. Fast forward to the present and it becomes clear that we have achieved much more than we could ever have imagined. Today, DPC has ten clinics throughout the entire country. Furthermore, DPC is now a certified partner of CLINIC, the world’s leader in the field of dental implantology.
Over the years, we have been the recipients of numerous awards from our fellow medics, and each one of them feels very dear and special to us. However, we could have never managed to get where we are today without the generous recommendations from our patients. We are proud to say that for us, their smiles are the best kind of business card.

Implantologist Simonas Bankauskas
Founder of CLINIC | DPC
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