Is it enough just to wish health?

The holiday season is coming, when we decorate our homes, we rush everywhere, we buy gifts. But there is no better gift than showing concern for your loved one’s health. During the holidays, you always say lots of nice words, wish health, so this year, show it with actions – give your loved one a gift voucher for CLINIC | DPC Dental Clinic treatments!

The recipient will be able to use the gift voucher at any clinic with as many as 10 clinics in Lithuania and 11th clinic based in London.

How do I purchase a gift voucher?

There are two ways to buy a gift voucher:

1. Visit any CLINIC | DPC clinic. Ask for a gift voucher at the reception.

2. Fill out the electronic form. We will send you a gift voucher by email.

Pay less for a gift voucher! Until 2019 December 31.

45 £ = 50 £ | 90 £. = 100 £ | 135 £ = 150 £