Dental Restoration Improves Health and Joy of Life

Missing Teeth Are Not Only the Aesthetic Problem

Teeth are a health guaranty for their importance in the digestive system. And that is one of the many causes why practitioners unanimously suggest that a missing tooth must be restored quickly.

Long-Term Effective Solution

Decaying teeth or losing at least one tooth can influence both our life and health. We shy away from smiling, enjoying food becomes difficult, dental problems occur, and it can weaken our organism overtime because chewing food unproperly can affect the absorption of needed substances, thus the disorders of digestive system appear.

The head practitioner Simonas Bankauskas and a doctor Remigijus Laurinčikas from the clinics’ network CLINIC | DPC explained that losing teeth and not fixing them lowers bone quantity, may cause teeth to form in a wrong position whilst the front teeth become longer. If more teeth have been lost, a person’s appearance changes due to sunken cheeks and lips, thus nose and chin protrude. In general, a person appears visually older. Not only a person’s appearance and health suffer but also his/her self-esteem.

“When losing more and more teeth, other ones are burden to a greater extent. Therefore, teeth move in different directions which impacts the changeability in dental occlusion and its function”, states a dentist Simonas Bankauskas specializing in implantation.

There are various methods to restore teeth but the most effective, the cheapest and the one that prevents from the most damage is the implant dentistry. It is a procedure in which the implant with a restraint is screwed into a jaw and an individual crown is placed.

“Dental implants do not harm other teeth next to them. For example, they do not need to be polished as it is not a dental bridge. Restoring a tooth with a help of an implant, the bone is directly stimulated in that place. It happens almost the same as to a natural tooth because it stops jaw deterioration. The dental prosthesis cannot ensure this.

Moreover, consistently keeping up with the proper oral hygiene and visiting a dental clinic for check-ups, implant dentistry is a long-term solution as the good practice shows.

Working the Next Day

Aforesaid dentists and their colleagues in the clinic have performed more than 30 000 implantations in 10 years. Even though implants are popular, a lot of people do not ask for dental help as they avoid visits. It results due to the unjustified myths.

“Firstly, people are scared for an intervention and the process itself. During the procedure, the painkillers are given. Therefore, it does not hurt, and patients feel comfortable”, claimed the dentists.

A lot of patients do not hide the fact that it is pointless to fear these procedures.

Implantation is applied with a local anaesthesia. Scared patients are suggested to take a sedation which diminishes fear and other unpleasant feelings. Inserting one implant takes around 30 minutes.

“Nevertheless, unpleasant sensations often are way easier than a dental extraction”, comments the doctor Remigijus Laurinčikas. Everything depends on the size of operation and other personal peculiarities of human system. Some can go the next day to work whilst others may take some time off. Frequently healing gums cause uncomfortable feelings. However, the healing process in the mouth is very fast and the pain can fade away in a couple of days.

Another myth is that teeth cannot be made in one day. Many people believe that it is too short period of time. “Temporary teeth can be made on the same day”, affirms dentist Simonas Bankauskas from CLINIC | DPC.

Almost Everything Happens on the Same Visit

Saving the time and health, it is recommended to have a one-day implantation which happens on the same visit as soon as the tooth is extracted.

“Its advantage is the maximum preservation of gum and bone quantity, reduced number of surgeries, an avoidance of crooked teeth, easier restoration of more natural aesthetics and a prevention from bone extension. It can be recommended when a tooth needs to be extracted or it was lost, it should be planned to be restored later or when a tooth is clearly visible when smiling”, explains Remigijus Laurinčikas.

“All-on-4” and “Trefoil”: The Most Effective Methods of Dental Restoration

What can a modern dentistry offer for patients who are toothless? In these cases, it is proposed to have “All-on-4” method. It was recommended traditionally to use temporary dental prostheses in the past. Yet they cause a lot of problems.

Unique “All-on-4” method of treatment is intended for a majority or all people who have missing teeth and who were suggested to have temporary dental prostheses. Employing this method, the restoration of teeth changes from 6-8 screwed implants to only 4. This method often helps to avoid difficult procedures of bone extension.

To restore the teeth of a lower jaw only requires 3 implants on which are the dental prosthesis mounted. Yet “Trefoil” method is used for a patent, safety and reliability.

In all these cases, the used materials for implants are biologically compatible, and a colour of teeth and their shape do not differ from the natural teeth. Moreover, teeth on the screwed implants not only look but also serve as real.

New Generation’s Ceramic Implants for Sensitive Teeth

Sometimes human’s organism is keen on to dismiss implants due to allergies or chronic diseases. However, it is not a case anymore for people who have sensitive immune system and want to have their smile back.

The new generation’s zirconia dental implants are one of the safest, the most reliable and lasting methods of dental restoration. Zirconia dental implants are more durable and natural-looking. One of the main advantages of zirconia implants is the fact that they do not release any components that may cause allergies. All in all, zirconia implantation is firstly recommended for patients who are prone to allergies.

 “Our clinic uses such technologies and materials that are widely applied in the whole world. Technologies are verified by scientific research and time”, says Simonas Bankauskas.

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