Valid from 30.10.2017

Appointment procedure
All appointments are booked in advance according to dentists or patients requests. You can make an appointment with our clinic by filling out the registration form on our website, calling us 07714256288, writing an email info@dentalprocare.co.uk or visiting our clinic.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy
In order for us to book appointments advance payment will be required.

  • 20£ will be required if your treatment is less than 1 hour, or dental consultation.
  • 50£ will be required if you booking for implant consultation or treatments longer than 1 hour, or teeth whitening with bleaching trays.
  • 150£ deposit fee will be required for ‘’ZOOM’’ Teeth whitening Procedures.
    This amount will be deducted from total amount for your visit.

If you missed your appointment advance payment will not be returned to patient. This amount will be required to cover our initial cost related with your appointments. If you are unable to attend your appointment or your circumstances have changed you should tell us as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours.

Please note that Saturdays and Sundays will not be included in these time frames so notice to cancel an appointment scheduled for a Monday must be given no later than Thursday.

Deposit payments when booking implant surgery
An advance payment of £ 500 is paid when registering for dental implantation procedure. If a procedure is completely declined, the advance payment is will not be returned to the patient. This payment is required to secure the appointment and cover the initial cost for the treatment. Deposit payment will be included towards total cost of the treatment. The rest of deposit will be held on your account and may be used towards the cost of future treatment.

Deposit payment for Laboratory based products
For all laboratory based products (bleaching trays, dental impressions ect.) advanced payment of 100% must be made by customer after dental impression is made.

Complaint procedure
We take any complaints very seriously and will always listen and try and resolve any concerns directly with you. We encourage you to contact us directly with any concerns you may have or fill out the form below and send it to us. Contact details: 07714256288, info@dentalprocare.co.uk.

In all cases an acknowledgement will be raised in writing and provided to the complainant within three working days.

Complaint form

For more detailed information about our complaint handling policy please read here.

Privacy Policy
About CLINIC | PDC Dental Pro Care website privacy policy and procedure please read here.

Wheelchair access
Unfortunately, due to nature of building our Clinic’s premises are not suitable for wheelchair users.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience this may cause.