A Broken Tooth? Consequences Can Be More Serious Than You Think

Healthy and beautiful teeth are an integral part of self-confidence whilst a shining smile is a necessary sign for happiness. However, a lot of us were faced with an unpleasant situation of a chipped tooth. This can happen due to accidents or even during meal. Unfortunately, people are not in a rush to fix a broken tooth which barely can be seen. Failing that, it can cause not only aesthetic but also more serious health problems.

According to the dental practitioner, Diana Markauskienė, from the network of dental clinics “Clinic DPC”, usually teeth break due to the risk of caries, a low-quality treatment or big prolonged seals. Grinding teeth (bruxism) is a frequent factor for impacting a broken tooth. Therefore, none of us are protected by this. Yet it is necessary to understand that even the smallest crack in the corner of a tooth has a significant impact for oral health. Nevertheless, the expert claims that some patients think differently.

Why Are We Delaying?

Patients usually hurry to the dentists when they start worrying about an aesthetic smile or facing an injure of the front teeth. However, they often act in a contrary manner when it comes to the molar teeth. People believe that a small tooth fracture (if it is not visible) will not make a huge issue. The doctor quickly denies this belief by claiming that delaying this process can be difficult to repair the damage.

“It is rare for people to know these consequences: the surface of a chipped tooth is particularly vulnerable by caries. Sensitivity for cold, hot and sweet food can appear. In the place of a chipped tooth, food leftovers and bacteria accumulate. Thus, it causes a breakdown of a tooth and it may result in a nerve inflammation. Additionally, sharp chipped corners frequently injure the soft tissues such as tongue, lips and cheeks in a mouth”, says Diana Markauskienė.

It appears that not repairing teeth for a long time can change its and other teeth positions. Multiple and even granulated teeth chippings can have an impact on the alteration of a dental occlusion as well as a blockage, chewing or pain of a jaw joint. It is obvious that worn and crumbled teeth create aesthetic problems.

Which Methods of Restoration to Choose for a Broken Tooth?

Every smile has its own story; therefore, every treatment is adapted to an individual patients’ needs. Smaller chippings usually are repaired with a help of seals whilst bigger blemishes need stronger constructions. Chipped molar teeth can be restored with crowns or ceramic onlays (micro-prosthesis). In the event of an emergency and a broken tooth, a treatment procedure of a root canal can be needed. If a tooth and its root cracks, the extraction of a tooth is performed. During the same visit, an implant is screwed, and a temporary crown is made.

“Aesthetic sealing, micro-prosthesis with ceramic veneers or crowns are the main dental restoration methods which can rebuild not only chipped but also damaged by caries or worn teeth. It can even adjust to their form, colour or size. It is evident that the most hurtful question remains – the restoration of a front teeth. The doctor reassures that it is difficult to distinguish professionally repaired teeth from the healthy ones”, claims Diana Markauskienė.

According to her, aesthetic sealing is almost the quickest and the most effective procedure. It especially preserves teeth and usually requires only one visit. Even if there is not any damage, the sealing is used as a method of correcting a smile and its form, colour or spaces between the teeth.

Adjusting the blemishes of front teeth, the dental ceramic veneers are chosen as an alternative of aesthetic sealing: “Ceramic veneers are thin porcelain layers which are glued onto the tooth. Ceramics does not change colour and shine, and teeth look very natural. This method is recommended to employ when there are a lot of non-aesthetic seals and the smile seems crooked. Well, when the teeth are damaged deeper and need to be treated by endodontic method, normally prosthesis with crowns are implemented.

Dental practitioner emphasizes that when talking about teeth chipping or other problems, every day counts. So, it is better not to delay. Even a small hole can be the cause of dental prosthesis after some time. As more time passes, so the blemishes become bigger. The most progressive medical machinery of “Clinic DPC” ensures safety and successful procedures. After everything, shining smile and ecstatic mood are worth more than temporary inconvenience.