Until recently, dental implantation was considered to be a complex and lengthy procedure, and after the implant was in place, patients had to wait months to enjoy their new tooth. Thanks to modern medicine, this situation has completely changed and a new, healthy smile is now available after just one procedure.

Dental implantation is performed after the loss of one or more teeth. It is currently the most advanced and durable way to fully restore the chewing function. The patient can smile confidently again, while the teeth are no different from natural ones in either sensation or appearance.

Dental implant specialist, Remigijus Laurinčikas, talked to us about the opportunities offered by the innovative methods used at Clinic DPC.

Modern implantology – an overview

Technological innovations and advanced methods have made dental implantation a quick, painless and convenient way to recover your smile. R. Laurinčikas says that, until recently, when he talked about having a new set of teeth in one day, no one would have believed him. This is now a real and accessible option. “It doesn’t matter if the patient has just lost his tooth or if he/she has had this problem for a long time. We can provide the patient with a new smile in just one day. This is done by using special surface implants. They are threaded steadily into the jaw, and we can immediately apply temporary teeth onto the implants. The results are no different from your natural teeth, so you can smile proudly on the same day as the procedure. A few months later, the temporary teeth will be replaced by permanent ones. Taking care of the new teeth is done in the same way as the patient’s natural ones. The feeling in your mouth and the appearance is also no different from your real teeth,” the doctor explained.

What if you have lost almost all your teeth or the deterioration of your jaw bone aggravates the implantation? R. Laurinčikas says that in these cases, the best solution is the “All on 4” dental restoration technique. This method was named the winner at the “Service of the Year” awards organised by the Lithuanian Business Confederation in the “Health Service of the Year” category.

“This is the most advanced method we have of restoring the entire dental arch. In this way, we can restore your teeth even with jaw damage or a complete loss of teeth. How is it done? First of all, we remove the bad and weak teeth. For the restoration of the dental arch, 4 implants are sufficient – and a temporary dental arch is affixed to them on the same day. This is both a convenient and a beautiful solution that allows the patient to enjoy the new teeth as early as possible. Once the implants have fully healed, which occurs about half a year later, permanent new teeth are made resulting in a durable, robust and comfortable solution. “All on 4” is a scientific achievement that allows us to restore the teeth of a patient during one procedure, without the need for augmentation the jaw bone,” said the implantation specialist.

When are dental implants the best solution?

Dental implantation is not a low-cost procedure, but the cost of choosing not to do it is much higher. It’s not just about the discomfort when chewing and embarrassment when smiling. The problem is that if lost teeth are not been resolved in time, it ultimately results in an alteration of the jaw, which is difficult to restore. “The bone begins to deteriorate at the site of the lost tooth. As the jaw atrophies, the positions of the other teeth change as well and they start to deviate, to decay more quickly, so eventually you may lose them as well. Sometimes people think that it is no big deal if the side teeth have been lost, as others cannot see them, and they can still chew with the remaining ones. But the problem is deeper as the bone starts deteriorating, and even the appearance of the face starts to change: the cheeks cave in and wrinkles appear. The rest of the teeth wear very quickly because they have a higher chewing load, and because of bone atrophy, they end up loosening as well. Thus, no matter how many teeth are missing and where they are situated, it is necessary to solve this problem without delay,” the doctor from Clinic DPC assured us.

Another prevailing belief is that teeth are not worth implanting at an elderly age. Some fear complications, while other people think that beauty is less important for the elderly. According to R. Laurinčik, the restoration of an orderly dental arch is necessary, not primarily because of the beauty aspect, but because of the improved comfort and health. Thanks to new technologies and advanced methods, dental implantation has become an extremely safe procedure, even for those at an elderly age. “The oldest patient to be treated in the clinic was over ninety years old. And sixty-year-old patients are frequent guests in my office. I meet plenty of very youthful older people who want to live their life to the fullest, take care of their health, and who are keen to laugh with open mouths without any embarrassment. An elderly age is no reason to take less care of yourself, or moreover, to save money at the expense of your health. On the contrary, investing in your well-being becomes even more important at an elderly age. Even the restoration of a full dental arch is carried out using only local anaesthesia, so the risk of complications is minimal or zero. Dental implants are also made of advanced top-quality materials. The most common choices are titanium or zirconium, which the patient’s body will easily accept. So dental implantation has become an accessible and safe procedure for every type of patient,” said the doctor.

Emergency aid

Acute oral health problems often require fast treatment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to plan and predict these issues, so we will be happy to assist you in the event of an injury or acute toothache. We look forward to your call and visit to provide you the necessary emergency oral care.